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Welcome to Colorado eNetwork – AAUW’s Colorado Virtual Branch!
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 This is one of the newest branches of AAUW – advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

 Joining AAUW means joining a community that breaks through

educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

Have you been searching for new ways to connect with others? Perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to be involved but time hasn’t allowed for another meeting. The Colorado eNetwork Branch allows you to engage in new learning and to connect with other smart professional women, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.  The Colorado eNetwork invites participation from all those interested in supporting a strong future for young women in our communities, a process made easier by virtue of the ability to connect and interact online.

This branch was formed to provide a new kind of community for AAUW members for whom a community-based branch is not available or is not a good fit. We also welcome, as dual members, those who do belong to a community-based branch but want to support this new structure. We are one branch of AAUW in Colorado, where AAUW has linkages with other women’s organizations such as the Women’s Collaborative.

Our website is a work in progress–can you help us make it a masterpiece?? This is one of areas–such as marketing, programs, website, membership and public policy–that we could us a hand in developing. If you’re interested in possibly helping, please send our Co-Conveners an email at COeNetworkAAUW@gmail.com.

Coordinating Council

Check out our list of charter members to see the rich diversity of members that this new structure attracts.

A special moment in history: July 2012 when the Colorado eNetwork branch was approved by AAUW, marking the entry of AAUW in Colorado to the world of digital interaction. The virtual branch began to offer online programming and interaction through webinars and social media. It is thanks to the foresight of Connie Paeglow of the Denver chapter as well as Amy Blackwell, and the support of state leaders Bylaws Director Lois Florkey, membership chairs Cheryl Hansen and Stephanie Fong, Presidents Brenda Wolfe and Diane Norton, and Stormy McDonald that the eNetwork has created an additional avenue for statewide interaction.
Eight women collaborated virtually throughout the year to set up various online tools and initiate branch procedures using innovative online tools such as join.me screen-sharing, information sharing wikis, Trello collaborative to-do list, open access GoogleDocs for wordsmithing, and the spectrum of social media apps to share information on legislative action, Women’s Collaborative for Colorado partners, and national women’s movements. Virtual branches are a growing part of the AAUW family–the Colorado eNetwork became the twelfth such approved. The branch was asked to serve on a national task force for virtual branches and also contributed our experiences with formation of an all-virtual branch to the AAUW Governance Committee.
The eNetwork aims to be a diversified community sharing information in an accessible, equitable manner. For us, equity has no borders, geographically or financially. As a result, the Coordinating Council is firmly committed to collective impact, equal access to AAUW, strategic decision-making, shared leadership and forging new pathways for all women leaders.
eNetwork membership targets young women, students, and AAUW members-at-large in Colorado; other AAUW members who would like to interact and learn online are also welcome to join and enjoy quarterly webinars in 2013. Branch information can be accessed at https://co-virtual.aauw.net/.
By-laws, etc., financial, processes, FAQ, and see how our branch uses technology.

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