Coordinating Council Bios

Would you like to be a member of the Coordinating Council, our version of a board of directors? Contact and let us know what you’re thinking. The Council meets online the first Wednesday night of even-numbered months to plan upcoming activities and organizational development.

Stormy McDonald

Why I joined AAUW: AAUW’s values and mission reflected among women in a new community has kept me growing and contributing to my communities and our global interconnectedness.
Passions: Global awareness, Opportunities for education, work and equality for girls & women
Current Position: Volunteer and Lifelong Learning
Education: Bachelor of Arts in French and Education, Loretto Heights College

Eileen Young

Why I joined AAUW:  To help and support women and girls become current and future leaders; to actively support equal pay for women and men.
Passions:  Prepare women to take their final GED exams, Volunteerism, Walking, Continuing Education
Current Position: Temporary assignments at different companies; Volunteering at various agencies
Education: Masters of Liberal Studies: Contemporary Issues and Public Policy, University of Denver, CO; Masters of Arts in Management, Bellevue University, NE; BS/BA, Bellevue University, NE; Certificate in Supervisory Skills, Creighton University, NE.

Danielle Norris, MBA

Why I joined AAUW: To help young women and men learn the importance of gender equality and help lead others become grassroots activists
Passions: Reading, Running, Spending time with Family, Being Entrepreneur and a grassroots activist
Current Position: Co-Founder and CEO of Startup Company
Education: Masters of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Northeastern University; Bachelors in International Business, University of Colorado

Heidi Baker

Why I joined AAUW: AAUW’s work to ensure educational opportunity meshes with my philanthropic priorities of ensuring lifelong learning and self-reliance for women
Passions: Reading & research, community & organizational development, gardening
Current Position: Non-Profit Consultant, The Baker Project
Education: Masters in Urban & Regional Planning/Public Administration; Bachelors in International Studies/French

Connie Paeglow

Why I joined AAUW: Initially I joined because of the AAUW’s advocacy and research efforts in advancing equity and access to education  for women and girls. As a member of the AAUW I have found a vibrant, welcoming community from which to develop friendships and be a part of a network of equity-minded women and men. This network has allowed me to create friendships, develop opportunities to find mentors and be a mentor, meet other professionals, and learn about grassroots public policy advocacy. Being a part of the AAUW network has given me avenues for both personal and professional growth which has helped me to find my voice and make a difference by advocating for human rights. The AAUW is a great resource for being kept up-to-date and to receive great formation on hot issues and opportunities for activities at local, state, and national levels.
Passions: Education, health & healthcare, mental health, public policy, women’s leadership development
Current position: Nephrology Social Worker with Fresenius Medical Care
Education: Masters of Social Work, University of Denver; Bachelors of Science Human Services, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Amanda White

Why I joined AAUW: To learn more about the opportunities available to support women in their search for education and leadership. AAUW provides many resources to find your role in encouraging men and women to fight for true equality.
Passions: Being outdoors, shopping locally, volunteering in the community, education, conversing with friends and family.
Current Position: Student Coordinator at the Career Management Center, College of Business, Colorado State University.
Education: B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and B.S. in Psychology. Student in the Counseling & Career Development Master’s Degree Program at Colorado State University.

Past Members

Jae McQueen, LCSW

Why I joined AAUW: I value AAUW’s advocacy and research efforts to advance equity and access to opportunity for women and girls.
Passions: women’s leadership development, educational equity, health & wellness
Current Position: Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work
Education: Masters of Social Work, University of Denver; Bachelors of Social Work, Winthrop University

Kathy Thornhill, PhD

Why I joined AAUW: To be more active in my community and make a difference for women.
Passions: Reading, playing with my dogs, hiking, learning.
Current Position: Director of Undergraduate Advising, Career Service and Service Learning and Internships, Humboldt State University (CA)
Education: PhD, Education and Human Resource Studies, Colorado State University; Graduate Certificate, Women’s Studies, Colorado State University; MA Counseling: Student Development in Higher Education, Trinity College, Washington, DC; BA, Psychology, Humboldt State University.

Jacqueline R. McAllister

Why I joined AAUW: To get to know, learn from, support, and stay connected to a community dedicated to advancing educational and leadership opportunities for girls and women.
Passions: Being outdoors, running, hiking, cooking, and travel
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor at Wellesley College and Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science (I am a Colorado native, who has been able to stay connected through the eNetwork)
Education: Ph.D. in Political Science expected from Northwestern University in June 2014; M.A. in Political Science from Northwestern University; and a B.A. in Political Science and French from Wellesley College.