Our Programs

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Tune in to our collaborative broadcasts of the Feb. 15 and Mar. 13 branch meetings; see below for instructions.

One of AAUW’s national issues is EQUAL PAY.

  • Equal Pay Day is in early April. Download the AAUW Toolkit to spread the word, and read more about the gender pay gap here.
  • Watch Colorado AAUW Public Policy advocates get LOUD at the Equal Pay EO Shout-Out 2014!
  • See a video of prominent supporters discussing the 50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act with AAUW on Google Hangouts.

Our program webinars are held online.

At the time of the event, join us online at https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/coenetworkaauw Scroll down for complete information.


How to log in to online events:

Simply join us online at https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/coenetworkaauw to listen and/or view the webinar or meeting. To join the event, click the green ‘Join this meeting’ button. Select, in order to allow your computer to open, the FreeConferenceCall app. Then enter your name and email in the box that opens. The next pop-up will ask you to choose ‘mic & speakers’ in order to connect your computer audio. To connect your computer audio to the webinar, 1) click the telephone icon that appears on the left in the grey control bar (see below), and 2) make sure your speaker volume is on. You can also open the list of attendees and click the microphone in order to mute your line. You will be able to see the presentation, listen to the presenter, and participate in the online chat. Or, if you prefer to simply listen in via phone, simply dial 1-641-715-3580 and enter passcode 863465#. 

To “prep your tech” you can visit the web link above at any time to test the process and watch a tutorial.

Hosting? Just below the green Join button, instead choose “Are you the host? Click here to log in.” (instead, and follow the connection instructions. In the grey control panel that opens, connect your telephone icon as above, and use the other icons to share your screen (if using slides), and/or start your video projection. The right-side icons permit you to see the list of attendees (and mute or unmute them, or share presenter rights), open the chat function, and record the presentation.

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