Some resources from our April 2015 teleconference on Campus Women Leaders, and the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders:

  • 2015 is NCCWSL’s 30th Anniversary! Read more on the History of NCCWSL here.
  • NCCWSL is May 28th through May 30th at the University of Maryland. Check out the full tentative NCCWSL schedule here.
  • NCCWSL features 2 Keynote Speakers and 6 Women of Distinction.
  • NCCWSL will have representatives from over 100 graduate programs and employers.
  • If you’re looking to make the most of your visit, students and administrators should consider signing up for a Pre-Conference Thursday morning.
  • Registration ends May 7, but is likely to sell out and start a waitlist. Register for NCCWSL TODAY!
  • Questions? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Can’t find your answer? Feel free to email or call us at 800.326.2289
    • Talk with Paige Robnett, AAUW Senior Program Associate, Campus Leadership Programs,
    • Student wanting to talk through the process? Contact 2015 AAUW Student Advisor past attendee Shannon Cholakian,


Shannon Cholakian, is one of ten student advisors to AAUW in 2014-15. She attends Ca. State University, Long Beach, California AAUW-CA sponsored her attendance at NCCWSL in 2014.

Jenea Covington and Danielle Jordan, DU students, attended and will share what the conference itself inspired them to do. Both of them are students who have gone back to college later, and have careers as well.

Sara Holden, Ft. Lewis College, Durango will share what it meant to her and how she was sponsored.

Katy Jackson, Ft. Lewis College; 2014 attendee

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