Taking a Stand Against Discrimination

In April 2013, plaintiff Dr. Virginia LeBlanc and AAUW’s Legal Advocacy Fund program manager Holly Kearl joined us to illustrate how to take legal action with AAUW’s support in a case of gender discrimination in the workplace. If you’ve ever been curious about workplace discrimination, how to recognize it, and what your rights are, join an informative presentation from Dr. LeBlanc about not only her journey and ongoing case, but what your rights are under the law.

See more information on this case: https://www.aauw.org/article/aauw-legal-advocacy-fund-supports-virginia-leblancs-case-against-trustees-of-indiana-university/

View the webinar here.

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From a survey of 11 out of 26 registrants: 90% of attendees gained practical, everyday knowledge. The presentation met or exceeded all respondents’ expectations.