Women Leading 2013

butterfly  January 2013: Women Leading 2013 Webinar

21st century women face many challenges as leaders that are often based upon societal expectations.  This session will review several of these challenges as well as provide practical tools and suggestions for addressing them. Additionally, self-awareness is a key aspect of effective leadership so this session will offer opportunities for personal and professional exploration that can be applied to leadership.

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As the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs in the College of Business, Dr. Thornhill is responsible for the advising services provided to 2200 business majors; mentoring and fostering the professional growth of her undergraduate advising staff;  helping individuals develop based on their unique interests and goals. She has presented a myriad of workshops and lectures through campus and student organizations as well as developed several programs aimed at increasing awareness and commitment to diversity and social justice issues. Dr. Thornhill centered her PhD research on female university administrators; her dissertation was entitled, Authenticity and Female Leaders: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Leadership Practices of Female University Administrators. Dr. Thornhill has taught several leadership courses, including a Women and Leadership course in the fall 2012 semester for Honors undergraduate students. She is a founding member of the Colorado e-Network branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Contact Kathy at Kathy.Thornhill at business.colostate.edu

From a survey of 11 out of 14 attendees: 100% of attendees gained practical knowledge. The presentation met everyone’s expectations.