Women’s Organizations


Find the list of AAUW Colorado’s Coalition Partners here.  AAUW Colorado is a member of the Women’s Collaborative for Colorado who seeks to educate and activate the women of Colorado to become involved, influential citizens, who guide state lawmakers in creating a positive, sustainable framework for the future.


NAFE (National Association for Women Executives)

The National Association for Female Executives, one of the country’s largest associations for women professionals and business owners, provides resources – through education, networking, and public advocacy- to empower its members to achieve both career and personal success. The NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women recognizes corporations and nonprofit organizations that have moved women into top executive positions and created a culture that identifies, promotes and nurtures successful women.


EWF International

EWF International offers support, mentoring, coaching and leadership training through Forums, coaching and consulting, educational events and speaking engagements for women owned businesses. EWF International understands that women business owners and female executives face different challenges than their male counterparts, which is why they only work with women.


The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is an international membership organization connecting, informing and mobilizing people and organizations committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights. Their goal is to cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and girls everywhere. The AWID does this by facilitating ongoing debates on fundamental and provocative issues as well as by building the individual and organizational capacities of those working for women’s empowerment and social justice


Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (CREA)

CREA aims to empower women to demand, create and access their human rights. CREA works from the premise that all women, irrespective of their status, have the inherent capacity to take responsibility for and make choices about their lives. Women are able to articulate and access their rights and emerge as leaders facilitating positive social change. CREA sees itself as a catalyst enabling this change. Access to information and knowledge about the world, and the changing political and economic structures contribute to women having greater control over their lives. CREA aims to draw on collective synergy to help reach common goals.


Gender at Work

Founded 2001

Gender at Work is a new knowledge and capacity building network focused on gender and institutional change. It was created in June 2001 by AWID (Association for Women’s Rights in Development), WLP (Women’s Learning Partnership), CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizen Participation), and UNIFEM (United Nations Fund for Women). It brings together development and human rights practitioners, researchers and policy makers to help develop new theory and practice on how organizations can change gender-biased institutional rules (the distribution of power, privileges and rights), values (norms and attitudes), and practices. It also hopes to change the political, accountability, cultural and knowledge systems of organizations to challenge social norms and gender inequity.


Women Thrive Worldwide

Women Thrive Worldwide works to create a world in which women and men work together as equals so that they, their families and their communities can thrive.
Women Thrive Worldwide advocates for change at the U.S. and global levels so that women and men can share equally in the enjoyment of opportunities, economic prosperity, voice, and freedom from fear and violence.

Women Thrive Worldwide grounds their work in the realities of women living in poverty, partner with locally based organizations, and creates powerful coalitions to advance the interests of the women and girls they serve.


National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)

AAUW and NASPA proudly present the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders — Leadership for Today and Tomorrow, the only conference that brings together college women to address important and contemporary leadership issues. The conference provides a transformative experience for attendees, and students to return home ready to improve their campuses and their communities.


Women’s Law Project

The Mission of the Women’s Law Project is to create a more just and equitable society by advancing the rights and status of all women throughout their lives. To this end, we engage in high-impact litigation, advocacy, and education.

Throughout its history, the WLP has brought and won lawsuits challenging gender discrimination. It has worked to eliminate gender discrimination in laws and institutions, to promote changes in the legal system that will improve the status and opportunities of women and their families, to improve the responses of public agencies to women’s needs, to educate the public about the status of women’s rights, and to empower women by providing information which enables them to address problems in their lives. See WLP Case Statement.


Institute for Women’s Policy Research

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research conducts rigorous research and disseminates its findings to address the needs of women, promote public dialog, and strengthen families, communities, and societies.

It is the leading think tank in the U.S. focusing primarily on domestic women’s issues. Founded in 1987, IWPR’s reports and other informational resources have informed policies and programs across the U.S., in each of its key program areas:

Employment, Education, & Economic Change – Employment and Job Quality, Economic Status of Women in the States , Pay Equity and Discrimination, Access to Higher Education, Unemployment and the Economy

Democracy & Society – The Status of Women and Girls, Immigration and Religion, Women in Unions, Women’s Political Participation

Poverty, Welfare, & Income Security – Retirement and Social Security, Poverty, Katrina and the Gulf Coast, Welfare Reform

Work & Family – Early Care and Education, Family Leave and Paid Sick Days, Workplace Flexibility

Health & Safety – Women’s access to health insurance, costs and benefits of preventative health services for women, costs of domestic violence



Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC)

The Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC) is launching the next generation of women entrepreneurs and building communities by economically empowering women throughout the United States. The AWBC creates economic opportunity for women business owners in rural, urban and suburban communities by providing business development support and services. Founded in 1998, the AWBC provides access and opportunity for women to achieve economic self-sufficiency, create wealth and participate in the nation’s economic development through education, mentoring, business development and financial opportunities.


Center for Women’s Business Research

The Center for Women’s Business Research, founded by National Association of Women Business Owners in 1989 as the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, is the premier source of knowledge about women business owners and their enterprises worldwide. The Center conducts original, groundbreaking research to document the economic and social contributions of women-owned firms, and consulting and public relations services to maximize the benefits of this knowledge. Corporations, government policy makers, educators, organizations, the media, and individuals rely on our leading-edge knowledge to strengthen their support of women business owners.


Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), founded in 1997, is the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America’s corporations. It also is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. WBENC works to foster diversity in the world of commerce with programs and policies designed to expand opportunities and eliminate barriers in the marketplace for women business owners. WBENC works with representatives of corporations to encourage the utilization and expansion of supplier/vendor diversity programs.


Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)

WIPP, Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc. is a national bipartisan public policy organization that advocates for and on behalf of women and minorities in business, strengthening their sphere of influence in the legislative process of our nation, creating economic opportunities and building bridges and alliances to other small business organizations. Through WIPP, our collective voice makes a powerful impact on Capitol Hill and with the Administration.


Project Eve

Project Eve is a new social network supporting, promoting and connecting female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our community is a supportive place where members can ask questions, get answers, share experiences and demonstrate their expertise while gaining the information, resources, and connections to start and grow their own businesses.


World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM)

FCEM is non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-sectarian organization whose activities at the national and international level are aimed at promoting women’s entrepreneurial initiatives and reinforcing national associations of women business owners. FCEM is the acronym for ‘Les Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales, or World Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Today, the FCEM network includes over 60 countries across five continents.